Hi there folks, just a quick note to remind everybody that Interval is set up to be a closed community host and is not open to the general public for creating blogs on.

Only members of the forum will be permitted to create users and blogs on this host as a way of keeping it clean, legitimate and worthwhile. People have been working hard to create relevant, informative blogs and we don’t want all that hard work to be spoilt by bad people getting in here and creating crappy blogs that won’t pass the terms and conditions for quality laid down by Google.

So you can rest assured that your hard work making good quality blogs will not be compromised by any less than honest people who are the scurge of the search engines and we all know the kind of entities that I’m referring to.

So if you want to register a new user, please contact admin via the forum so we can verify you are who you say you are and we’ll be happy to oblige.