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What to do About Hackers that Defile Your Blog?

There has been a spate of hacking activity just lately on blogs hosted on less than secure servers owned by second rate hosts. I won’t name and shame here, but I can say that one of my blogs was hacked today and its not the nicest of things to be confronted with when all you’re trying to do is make a buck online.

Luckily for me, the hacked blog was only 20 pages and not a direct money earner. So rather than faff around trying to extract all the defiled files and weed out the infected parts of the database, I created a static version of the site. Its easy enough to do as long as the blog is not too big and the file/folder structure not too complex.

I then uploaded the static files to my server’s home folder, moved all the WordPress files/folders into a temp folder and tested the site to make sure it didn’t throw up any errors. It came up clean and looking good. So I went into cPanel and deleted the mysql database, user and the temp folder I stored the Worpress files in.

Job done.

Probably done quicker than it would have taken me to fix the hack and get the blog back. Which is nice, because it means I no longer have to worry about that site. If it gets hacked again, which is less likely now there’s no database and CMS backdoors for hackers to exploit, I can just delete everything and upload the clean files via ftp in under a minute!

These days, I build all of my new sites as static. WordPress has become too much like hard work keeping up with their constant upgrades and then keeping an eye out of plugin upgrades too. They keep coming all the time and if you don’t upgrade when they do, you can be left open to attack. That is one crap system with a capital C.

With the multi-user version of WP, its not so easy to go back to static, especially if you’re hosting blogs belonging to other people on your main install. All you can do in that case is make sure you keep up to date with all those damn upgrades and keep plugins to a bare minimum. And get a secure password at least.


Building Authority for Your Blog

When it comes to building authority for your blog, you need to be aware of some things to make sure you do it right so that the search engines will love your blog and not hate it! Its pretty simple to do, but just requires some thought and some work to get it the way it should be.

The main focus you should be aiming for is to provide plenty of good quality, original and relevant content for your blog’s main topic and keywords. This is important from the search engines’ perspective as they want to make sure your site is properly targeted so that when a user types in a keyword search and your site is displayed in the SERPs it will provide the right information for that user. That means if someone typed in “handicap shower seats and followed the link to your blog, they should find a post specifically written about handicap shower seats and not “toys for dogs” or something equally irrelevant.

This way you are doing exactly what the search engines want you to do, so that their index displays the most relevant sites and not a bunch of poorly optimized rubbish that is full of ads.

The other way you’ll build authority for your blog will come from other website owners who, upon seeing your well written and informative articles will be happy to link to them if they are relevant to their own sites. Of course, you should also help that process along by writing articles along the same theme as your blog’s and submitting them to good authority sites like Ezine Articles, create Hub Pages or Infobarrel articles or similar and link to your blog from those articles.

The more strong links you get to your blog coupled with its own relevant, original and well written articles, the more authority your blog will gain from the search engines. This is because your blog will gain trust and establish itself as an authority on its chosen subject.

This is the direction that the search engines are moving in, so if you want your blog to rank well in the SERPs, then you’re going to have to work this way to ensure the search engines love your blog and then you will get your just and well deserved reward!


Ad Placement on Blogs

With the recent changes in the eBay’s EPN affiliates rules, it is now no longer possible to put up eBay ads on pages on blogs that live on domains that you don’t own yourself. This includes blogs hosted here at Intervalinc Blogs.

So if you want to avoid getting into trouble with the guys at EPN which could risk your account, you need to remove eBay widgets, text ads and ad blocks from your blogs.

Ok, all is not lost. There is a new installation which will allow you to put up Amazon affiliate ads instead. Who said that affiliate marketing was dying? You can also put up Chikita ads as well if you have an account with them and its all part of the revenue share section in your control panel.

On this same note, we’ve noticed that if you want your blog to do well and rank well in Google’s search index, you are going to have to make sure your blogs are up to scratch. That means complying with their quality guidelines and reading between the lines so as not to go upsetting anyone.

One way you might upset someone is by displaying a page full of affiliate ads on your blog’s front page. Well, while this may seem to be the way to get visitors to click on your ads, apparently it does you more harm than good as more and more people are becoming resilient to that “In your face” tactic.

Much better to have your welcome page look interesting and informative while directing your visitors to internal pages that display sales stuff and ads. Sure, by all means place one or two ads in your sidebar, but keep it low profile and you’ll actually convert better, with the bottom line being you will stand a better chance of ranking better and attracting more of that all-important search traffic.


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