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Making Sacrifices to Get What You Want

This is a post about one of the ways in which you can grow your work from home business to expand it and get more from it. It involves making sacrifices to get what you want, but before you hit the back button or go off to read something else, let me first say that the concept of sacrifice is not what you think it is.

Sacrifice, as seen by most people means giving something up and they are not too happy to do that. But that’s not the way it should work, at least not in the way you need it to work in order for you to grow both financially and successfully. What sacrifice really entails is giving up something of low value to receive something better. Now does it sound more appealing? Then read on…

The idea of sacrifice is actually something we do every day of our lives without even realizing it. When we go to a store to buy something, we are actually sacrificing those paper bills in our wallets for the goods we are purchasing. In order to get those paper bills in our wallet in the first place, we had to sacrifice our leisure time to go to work to earn them! So you get the idea of what I now mean by sacrifice? Good.

When it comes to building up your work at home business, you will have to make quite a lot of sacrifices in order to make a success of it, otherwise you will fail. Simple as that. The obvious thing you will sacrifice is your time to get the work done in order that the result of that work will cause you to get paid for what you are doing. But there are other sacrifices you need to make as well.

One of the biggest obstacles to making a work from home business, in this example where your business is website based, actually succeed is procrastination in one form or another. Now I’m not talking about stopping what you’re doing every so often to daydream for ten minutes here and there. That is a natural mechanism to give your brain a break and is actually a healthy thing to do – just so long as you don’t do it too much! What I am talking about is getting involved in social discussions online, or in short, anything that takes you away from the core purpose of why you are online, which is to build up your business. The worst offenders are social forums, social networking websites like Facebook and the like, where you can waste hours typing away furiously and even passionately when involved in some inane argument or discussion or whatever.

Stop doing that right away and just look at what you are achieving by it!

You may be one of those people that is a regular name in a certain marketing forum and have several hundreds of posts to your name. Wow, awesome that you are an authority in there and you get to chat with all the other big names. But what have you actually achieved in terms of furthering your business?

Don’t say you have made valuable connections, because that is horseshit. The vast majority of people in those forums don’t give a damn about you unless they are selling you something and making their businesses grow on the backs of saps like you.

What you have really done is provided that forum with a ton of valuable content that you could have made far better use out of by putting it into blogs or websites of your own. That content could have been attracting search traffic and earning you money through a variety of income streams. Instead, it is just filling the giant ever hungry maw of the forum content machine.

You have also used a lot of your time to write that content for the forum. That time could have been better spent in getting backlinks for your websites so they rank better in the search engine results and attracting even more search traffic to earn you money.

If you want to grow your business and not someone else’s, you need to make a sacrifice and stop wasting your time, writing and effort in someone else’s forum and start putting that same passion, fire and effort into building your own websites.


Informing and Educating

Education is a basic human right as well as a necessary part of life. Without education, we would be no higher up the evolutionary ladder than we were when we were living in caves and eating what we could kill.

How much have we moved on since then? Well, in technological terms, we have come light years from those early beginnings. We have advanced in medical science, the healing arts including natural and faith related healing and in diet and nutrition. Our health has improved as a result and we live longer.

All this is a result of education and learning. The process is escalating at an incredible rate now that we have the Internet which provides information on a wide variety of subjects at our fingertips. As long as the information that is published online is accurate and correct, then this is a wonderful thing.

But beware misinformation. There is a huge amount of it alongside all the good, accurate and correct information that helps us to progress as a race. Misinformation confuses and misdirects and is cause for concern, as people can be easily led into believing things that are patently not true. Television advertising has already taught us that we can be deceived far too easily into believing that we want something just because a clever advertising agency has created that need in a product that we actually do not need.

Look at cigarettes as a prime example. Do we need them? Have we ever needed them? Absolutely no. All they do is kill people and if it doesn’t kill them it weakens their bodies and allows ill health to do the job. Yet the advertising power of television, cinema, billboards, glossy magazines etc made people want to smoke. Unbelievably, despite all the medical evidence that tells us that smoking kills people, a huge number of people still smoke.

So what does that tell us about the power of advertising and the promotion of misinformation?

It tells us a heck of a lot, at least to those of us able to think for ourselves as opposed to allowing the advertisers to think for us. The Internet is a similarly powerful advertising machine, if anything it it is potentially more powerful than television and that is frightening.

Frightening because its not just advertisers that can abuse the Internet to make us want things we don’t really need. It is an open medium for anyone to publish misinformation and spread confusion. It is unregulated and therefore dangerous simply because it has already been proved that large numbers of people can be easily fooled into believing something that is clearly false, is true. Like tobacco.

So be on your guard when searching for information and double check all sources against verifiable ones such as government publications and similar authority entities.


Always Informing

The whole idea with this site is to create as much valid and accurate information as possible by its members. Creating educational and informative blogs is the ideal way to get your knowledge published and into the public domain.

There are no hard and fast rules for doing this, except keeping everything you write about as accurate as possible, on topic and targeted to the audience you are attracting to your blog. This comes from the skill of the writer to be able to impart information not only in a factual way, but also in an entertaining and interesting way so that people who turn up at your blogs and start reading will get something out of what they’ve read and enjoyed doing so while they were doing it!

It doesn’t take all that much knowledge of perfect grammar or even exacting spelling to write a good article. There are spell checkers all over the place for checking your spelling and getting most of it right. Grammar is often fluid depending upon the subject matter and the style of the writer. Some like to write in a pedantic, stoic manner, which is fine for intellectuals who like to read that style. The majority of people, however, prefer a more relaxed writing style. They don’t like too many long words whose meaning they may probably have to look up in a dictionary, so that practice simple ends up with most people clicking away to somewhere else and you lose readers.

So decide what kind of audience you are writing for and then stick to it. Just remember, if you want a wider audience, you’re going to have to write in a style that they like, while an intellectual audience is far smaller and more difficult to cultivate unless your articles are very informative and accurate.

Happy writing!


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