The whole idea with this site is to create as much valid and accurate information as possible by its members. Creating educational and informative blogs is the ideal way to get your knowledge published and into the public domain.

There are no hard and fast rules for doing this, except keeping everything you write about as accurate as possible, on topic and targeted to the audience you are attracting to your blog. This comes from the skill of the writer to be able to impart information not only in a factual way, but also in an entertaining and interesting way so that people who turn up at your blogs and start reading will get something out of what they’ve read and enjoyed doing so while they were doing it!

It doesn’t take all that much knowledge of perfect grammar or even exacting spelling to write a good article. There are spell checkers all over the place for checking your spelling and getting most of it right. Grammar is often fluid depending upon the subject matter and the style of the writer. Some like to write in a pedantic, stoic manner, which is fine for intellectuals who like to read that style. The majority of people, however, prefer a more relaxed writing style. They don’t like too many long words whose meaning they may probably have to look up in a dictionary, so that practice simple ends up with most people clicking away to somewhere else and you lose readers.

So decide what kind of audience you are writing for and then stick to it. Just remember, if you want a wider audience, you’re going to have to write in a style that they like, while an intellectual audience is far smaller and more difficult to cultivate unless your articles are very informative and accurate.

Happy writing!