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Welcome to the section of the Interval website that deals with the subject of how to make money, specifically online or using the Internet as your main vehicle.

There are countless websites and blogs dedicated to this pursuit, but of the several thousands that exist, really only a handful are actually practicing what they preach and are truly making money for their owners. This website will be one of that handful.

Why Do People Fail to Make Money?

You see, the main reason most people fail to make money online is that they are so caught up in the process of reading about how to generate easy cash in forums and on other people's blogs and websites, as well as being so obviously confused by all the misinformation, misdirection and false teachings that are circling the web that they are frozen into inaction.

Or worse, locked in a cycle of reading about it, then writing about what they just learned, then reading more, then writing more without actually putting any of that information into practice and actually doing anything constructive.

There is also the fear of failure that keeps a large proportion of those hopeful wannabe online entrepreneurs from realising their dream.

Add to that volatile mixture the hyped to death lure of easy money that many Internet marketers are peddling and you can see how newcomers to this arena are quickly sucked in by the dream and just as quickly spat out again several hundred dollars lighter (for all the useless ebooks and "systems" they paid for). A big problem there is the very fact that most of these ebooks that are circulating around the place are just as misleading as most of the freely available information. They promise much but deliver very little.

How to Succeed

So the startling statistic that fully 95% of all would-be Internet marketers will fail is not so difficult to understand. Of the 5% that actually do make some money from their work, make so little as to be negligible and so a further statistic that maybe only 5%-10% of those actually make a working wage from the Internet, while less than 1% actually make the many thousands that the hyped products promise is easy to achieve.

This section of the Interval website, then is not going to be so much dedicated to showing people how to generate an income from the Internet, as that information is out there to find.

It's more going to be geared to writing about what is actually happening in the world of the money making Internet marketer and what ought to be avoided, while providing some clues as to what will work without going into the nitty gritty mechanics of it all.

That way, we won't be duplicating the already told, re-told and re-re-told ways to generate an income online that everyone and their dog seems to be earnestly regurgitating and spinning in an effort to prove the the world that they are indeed successful at earning vast amounts of cash online, when in fact they are just following the tired old teachings of "fake it 'til you make it" which is not really a good thing to do.

After all, you wouldn't eat at a restaurant that didn't have a fat chef, so why would you accept advice from an Internet marketer noob who wasn't actually a money maker online?

Read, Research and Learn

The articles that are coming as sub-pages of this main page will outline what needs to be done in preparation and the expectations that you should in reality be prepared to take on before you will see a solitary cent online. Hopefully, we can guide you away from all the shysters and false idols and steer you on the right path to make an honest buck online, and then turn that buck into several thousands every month.

Incidentally, you can get some more info from a pretty useful blog on this very subject here: http://makeblogmoney.com and discover how to make money in many different ways online using little more than a website and some SEO knowledge.

Published Articles

Below you will find a list of the current article titles in this section: