Hi there everyone. Just a quick update from us here at Interval on what’s been happening lately with WordPress Multi User sites. Its nothing to worry about right now, but there have been some scares on other hosts.

It seems that our old adversaries, the dreaded spammers have been busy destroying yet another great idea for bloggers – the WPmu host setups that provide easy to create free blogs on the popular WordPress platform. As usual, any good idea eventually gets exploited by these thoughtless brain dead morons and they go and wreck it for everyone else by deluging the hosts with spam blogs.

Well, this hasn’t happened here at Intervalinc, because we closed the doors on any registrations from outside the forum, which has resulted in only clean, legitimate and I have to say, damn fine looking blogs being created here that are reader friendly, full of useful content and you would be proud to show them off to your mother!

So while other free hosts are being de-indexed by Google as their reaction to the spamming problem, we should remain in the clear and your blogs should remain indexed as long as we don’t get cast by the same net as those that are full of spam. We believe in fair play and like to think that the people at Google do too.

So we are glad to see that spammers are being dealt with swiftly, just please remember that there are those of us that are also on your side and want only index friendly blogs on our host. We are surfers too and no one likes to land on a spam blog, so we’re doing our bit to ensure that when surfers land on our blogs, they get a quality read and a reason to come back again and again!

So keep up the good work everyone and keep that quality flowing!