With the recent changes in the eBay’s EPN affiliates rules, it is now no longer possible to put up eBay ads on pages on blogs that live on domains that you don’t own yourself. This includes blogs hosted here at Intervalinc Blogs.

So if you want to avoid getting into trouble with the guys at EPN which could risk your account, you need to remove eBay widgets, text ads and ad blocks from your blogs.

Ok, all is not lost. There is a new installation which will allow you to put up Amazon affiliate ads instead. Who said that affiliate marketing was dying? You can also put up Chikita ads as well if you have an account with them and its all part of the revenue share section in your control panel.

On this same note, we’ve noticed that if you want your blog to do well and rank well in Google’s search index, you are going to have to make sure your blogs are up to scratch. That means complying with their quality guidelines and reading between the lines so as not to go upsetting anyone.

One way you might upset someone is by displaying a page full of affiliate ads on your blog’s front page. Well, while this may seem to be the way to get visitors to click on your ads, apparently it does you more harm than good as more and more people are becoming resilient to that “In your face” tactic.

Much better to have your welcome page look interesting and informative while directing your visitors to internal pages that display sales stuff and ads. Sure, by all means place one or two ads in your sidebar, but keep it low profile and you’ll actually convert better, with the bottom line being you will stand a better chance of ranking better and attracting more of that all-important search traffic.