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Building Authority for Your Blog

When it comes to building authority for your blog, you need to be aware of some things to make sure you do it right so that the search engines will love your blog and not hate it!

It's pretty simple to do, but just requires some thought and some work to get it the way it should be. It's also super important if your aim is to make money from your blog!

Quality Relevant Content

The main focus you should be aiming for is to provide plenty of good quality, original and relevant content for your blog’s main topic and keywords. This is important from the search engines’ perspective as they want to make sure your site is properly targeted.

So that when a user types in a keyword search and your site is displayed in the SERPs it will provide the right information for that user. That means if someone typed in "handicap shower seats" and followed the link to your blog, they should find a post specifically written about handicap shower seats and not "toys for dogs" or something equally irrelevant.

This way you are doing exactly what the search engines want you to do, so that their index displays the most relevant sites and not a bunch of poorly optimized rubbish that is full of ads.


The other way you’ll build authority for your blog will come from other website owners who, upon seeing your well written and informative articles will be happy to link to them if they are relevant to their own sites.

Of course, you should also help that process along by writing articles along the same theme as your blog’s and submitting them to good authority sites like Ezine Articles, create Hub Pages or Infobarrel articles or similar and link to your blog from those articles.

The more strong links you get to your blog coupled with its own relevant, original and well written articles, the more authority your blog will gain from the search engines. This is because your blog will gain trust and establish itself as an authority on its chosen subject.

This is the direction that the search engines are moving in, so if you want your blog to rank well in the SERPs, then you’re going to have to work this way to ensure the search engines love your blog and then you will get your just and well deserved reward!

Originally posted: September 16, 2009