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Keep Your Blogs Fresh

More and more emphasis is being placed on keeping a website up to date and continually updated with new, original content as a ranking factor in Google's algorithm. This is a point that bloggers should take note of and make it a habit to work on.

It's no great secret among the SEO community that one of the best ways of ensuring you'll get ahead in the search engines with your website or blog is to keep it fresh.

Feed the Content Monster

fresh-contentBy posting regularly and often with original and informative articles that are relevant to the blog's main topic, you'll stand a much better chance of getting ahead in the SERPs. This is becomming ever more important as Google's ranking algo gets ever more sophisticated.

Of course, we all know that you also need to be link to from other sites to gain authority for your blogs and that's also an area that you should be concentrating your efforts on. But never neglect the content of your blog. More and more, the search engines and particularly Google are concentrating on good informative content to make their index a better place for surfers.

After all, nobody wants to key in a search term and get a page full of lousy sites with no information and a ton of ads! That devalues the search experience for users of search engines, which is why they reward good content sites and ignore thin sites with little of no good content.

Make the Effort

So by taking some more effort to make your blogs as good as they can be, you give yourself that slight edge over those that don't. When all things are equal and you are competing with a site or blog with equal links, the one with the better quality content and more of it will win.

This is well worth remembering when you are looking at your blog and wondering if it's even worth writing something else in there. It is ALWAYS worth it, as long as what you write is on topic and worthwhile.

Originally posted: July 3, 2009