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Welcome to Interval!

Welcome to Interval, a fantastic new information and education rich closed community blog host!

Interval is powered by the popular WordPress MU (Multi User) platform, which is a package that allows, in this case community members to create their own WP themed blogs right here for free.

By making full use of the highly flexible WordPress MU platform, members can set up great looking blogs by using the selection of fantastic WordPress themes that are available. To add to that, there is full set of WP plugins that you can use to further personalize your blog.

Here at Interval, we allow members do do just about whatever they want with their blogs within reason. Of course, no one wants to see anything anti-social or unsavoury, such as race or religious hate, p0rnography, sp6m, terrorist propaganda, or any other subject that could be construed as being contrary to morally good taste.

How To Create a Free Blog?

First of all you'll need a user name. You do this by contacting admin via PM in the forum giving a valid email address and suggesting a user name for yourself.

Once you get your email confirming your user namer and password, you can log in from the Interval main page. Then click the "Create a New Blog" link. Type in the URL and blog name you want and hit "Create New Blog".

If the URL is not already in use by another member, then it's yours. If it is, choose another similar URL and try again.

Type in a URL and name that is relevant to the blog you are setting up. So if you want a blog that will be your own personal diary, create a URL called "mydiary", or something similar if that name has already been taken by someone else. Then give the blog a title, so in this example it would be "My Diary". Your finished URL will look like this:


Note: If we spot any blog names with a nonsensical jumble of letters and/or numbers, they will be deleted as this looks like sp6m and that won't be tolerated here.

The whole idea of keeping this closed to community members only is to provide a safe and good neighbourhood set of blogs for community members that the search engines will like. Keeping spammers out is our number one priority as once they get in anywhere they spoil it for everyone else.

If you want to create another blog, no problem. Make sure you're logged in and repeat the process. It's that simple!

All the most recently updated blogs are displayed along with a short snippet of their latest post in the sidebar on the Interval main page, so you can see what's new.

Always Informing

The whole idea with this site is to create as much valid and accurate information as possible by its members. Creating educational and informative blogs is the ideal way to get your knowledge published and into the public domain.

There are no hard and fast rules for doing this, except keeping everything you write about as accurate as possible, on topic and targeted to the audience you are attracting to your blog. This comes from the skill of the writer to be able to impart information not only in a factual way, but also in an entertaining and interesting way so that people who turn up at your blogs and start reading will get something out of what they've read and enjoyed doing so while they were doing it!

It doesn't take all that much knowledge of perfect grammar or even exacting spelling to write a good article. There are spell checkers all over the place for checking your spelling and getting most of it right. Grammar is often fluid depending upon the subject matter and the style of the writer.

Some like to write in a pedantic, stoic manner, which is fine for intellectuals who like to read that style. The majority of people, however, prefer a more relaxed writing style.

They don't like too many long words whose meaning they may probably have to look up in a dictionary, so that practice simple ends up with most people clicking away to somewhere else and you lose readers.

So decide what kind of audience you are writing for and then stick to it. Just remember, if you want a wider audience, you're going to have to write in a style that they like, while an intellectual audience is far smaller and more difficult to cultivate unless your articles are very informative and accurate.

Happy writing!

Originally posted: September 30, 2008